Rules & Regulations


8-Men Tournament Rules

(The rules may be viewed or downloaded here in Microsoft Word format)

  1. All the fighters weigh in at the same day, time and place.

  2. The fighters must weigh -75kg to compete; if the weight is not reached the fighter must within 2 hours loose his extra weight. Otherwise the fighter will not be allowed to compete and a reserve fighter will step in.

  3. The starting matches are random; i.e. each fighter draws a number which defines who they will fight. The matches are made right after the weigh-ins.

  4. Each match is made of 3 rounds of 3 minutes with a pause lasting 2 minutes.

  5. The match can end by knockout, technical knockout, decision, no contest or disqualification. If the result of the match is a draw, the judgement shall be conducted based on the flow of the entire match as a whole from round one (1), and a winner shall be decided by considering even the slightest difference.

  6. If a fighter is unable to compete, due to injuries or others; his previous opponent will automatically take his place.

  7. Additionally one or two reserve fighters are held prior to the single elimination matches; who will step in and take the place of the fighter whom was not able to continue. I.e. a fighter who lost a match by knockout might not be eligible to replace another fighter. Therefore the reserve will step in.

  8. Both the referee and the ring doctor have full authority to stop the fight.

  9. The fights will take place in a standard boxing ring.

  10. Only approved and given boxing gloves from the Viking council are allowed to be used.

  11. Two seconds are allowed to attend the fighter: During the match, the seconds must stay in the designated area. Prior to the start of each round they will remove all towels, water bottles, etc out of the ring area.